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The evolution of 18Bones Barbershop, is more than just a barbershop.

18 years in the making. Bruce the owner started his Barbering career in a Barbershop in Los Angeles called Super Star Unlimited. Under the tutelage of Aiysha and Carlton Porter.
Aiysha and Carlton where some of the first to realise in the late 80s and 90s the market for barbers who were currently in the art scene.

From actors, painters, rappers, singers, and musicians a like were all taught they could work independently while the raise money for their night job as barbers and hairdressers.

Young people who were from all over America but residing in Los Angeles, a connection to art and culture were gifted the techniques to be able to do some if the best haircuts in L.A.

A few years later Bruce’s brother Brian (aka Goose) opened Legends the Barbershop Los Angeles. They all worked together to build the Legends Brand and after a few years Bruce and many of their friends would follow to grow brands of their own.

After many years in development Bruce decided to move to Australia and take the Legends Barbershop brand to international status.

After 8 years growing the Legends Barbershop brand, Bruce decided to rebrand the Barbershop with a focus on organic Australian made barbering products.

With the help and support of his wife they developed 18Bones organic Australian made skin care products.

In 2021 during the COVID Lockdown, Legends the Barbershop Sydney was then rebranded as 18Bones Barbershop.

All the 18bones barbers have their individual styles but the tradition of Super Star lives on, young artists learning to be independent as barbers and art professionals.

All the 18Bones Barbers have attained their Barbering Certificate through TAFE NSW.

Bruce with over 25years experience in the Barbering game, has learned a dynamic skill set of being able to cut various types of hair, he now embarks his knowledge onto the 18Bones barbers.

As well as cutting hair, the barbers are passionate about music, art, fashion, sports, and politics. They are always ready to talk about almost anything. Or happy to just let you sit back close your eyes a relax.

Our organic and Australian made product range include, aftershave moisturiser, shaving cream and beard oil.

We specialise in all types of mens haircuts including the following:

  • Haircut
  • Straight Razor Shave
  • Beard Trim (basic)
  • Beard Trim (deluxe)
  • Buzz cut
  • Haircut & Beard Trim
  • Kids Cut (16 years and under)

We also have our very own line of grooming products you can purchase right here. These include shaving serum, after shave, hand sanitiser and beard oil.

You can also book your next haircut online here.